Adrian Dommisse

Director – BA LLB LLM (UCT)

Adrian founded Dommisse Attorneys in 2009, after 7 years in the UK as an investment banker (at Unicredit) and credit analyst (at Fitch Ratings). Dommisse Attorneys has established a reputation as one of the country’s leading law firms servicing innovative and disruptive clients – with the goal of helping them to fund and grow their corporate value on an international basis.

Adrian’s practice leverages his experience, focusing on international transactions including inwards private equity investment into South African companies, and a special focus on structuring and implementing client’s business models offshore. In this regard, Adrian and his team provide a complete solution to clients’ aspiration to set up offshore and to grow their group’s value through creating IP and retaining profit in hard currency.

So, in addition to the legal structuring performed by Dommisse Attorneys, Adrian runs our firms’ associate company in the UK (Nomad Consulting) which helps to build the strategic model for South African client’s to commercially resource their offshore company, building IP offshore and co-ordinating the implementation of the strategy.

Adrian has worked as an attorney at Webber Wenztel in Johannesburg from 1998 to 2001, and ENS Africa in Cape Town in 2008 to 2009. He holds a degree in Economics and two law degrees including a masters in South African and English company law and international law.  He is married to Elaine, has three children, and in his spare time he makes wine, coaches Crossfit, reads, runs on the mountain and eats chocolate.

Tel.: +27 (0)21 671 1550
LinkedIn: Adrian Dommisse

Adrian Dommisse

Director – BA LLB LLM (UCT)

Adrian established our law firm in 2008 and thrives on meeting and assisting clients in the start-up space, understanding their products and helping them to gain value.  In his role as lead member of the firm’s Start Up team, Adrian’s goal is to help grow value for his clients throughout the start-up life cycle.


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  1. Hi Adrian,

    I would like to get in touch regarding offshore investment in the US, and the best route to take our current structure forward with (SA (Pty) Ltd and 100% subsidiary in the US – Delaware corporation).

    Let me know if I can send some initial thoughts via email?

    Much appreciated,
    Markus Coetsee

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