Disaster Management Tax Relief is coming!

Public comments for the Draft Disaster Management Tax Relief Bill and the Draft Disaster Management Tax Relief Administration Bill are now open. These two tax relief bills, aimed at combating the negative economic effects the spread of COVID-19 holds, were published on 1 April 2020 for public comment. These bills include provision for –

  • Amendments to the Employment Tax Incentive Act by expanding the employment tax incentive age eligibility criteria, as well as the amounts that can be claimed and changing the payment of employer tax incentive reimbursements from occurring twice a year to occurring on a monthly basis;
  • COVID-19 disaster relief trusts to be set up: Donations to these trusts are to fall within the ambit of section 18A of the Income tax Act and the provisions relating to how amounts received from these trusts should be treated; and
  • Deferrals for employees’ tax and provisional tax for certain businesses.

Aptly named, these tax relief bills aim at employing measures that include assistance to over 4 million workers and 75 000 small and medium term enterprises.

You can access these bills and the explanatory memorandum for a more thorough read at the following links:

Public comments are open until the 15th of April 2020 and can be submitted to 2020AnnexCProp@treasury.gov.za.

If you require any assistance in making such a submission, please feel free to get in contact with us. As you may be aware, we have already started providing our legal services from home  prior to the national lockdown in an effort to help flatten the curve. Our office number is being forwarded to our executive assistant, who will happily place you in contact with the relevant practitioner – or you can email your queries directly to us at info@dommisseattorneys.co.za.

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