Candidate Attorney

An engineer turned lawyer, with a wealth of experience gained over the last 25 years having worked as an engineer, a manager, and an executive leading disparate and diverse team. Jerry Augustine is uniquely positioned to assist clients overcome challenges that manifest when law and technology interact with each other. He is a qualified Software Engineering with an MBA and an LLB degree.

He is passionate about technology and his aspiration is to find innovative solutions by applying technological advancements to the field of law thereby making legal advice more affordable and easily accessible to all.

Jerry Augustine aspires to become “the lawyer” every client wants to contact, when dealing with matters related to software and technology.

He spends his evenings going for short jogs and playing with his dog Bruno. At other times you will find him testing his culinary skills and enjoying the fruits of his labour with family, friends, and some good red wine. His days come to an end with a modicum of wisdom from the long list of books he must finish reading someday.

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