Funding Solutions

Funding Solutions

We transitioned into a specialised venture capital law firm in 2011, and since then have participated in some of South Africa’s most prominent venture capital funded tech deals. That decision leveraged years of working in the international banking industry, and as counter parties to the world’s largest law firms.

Despite the headline hogging deals described below, our daily bread is in day-to-day deal support on lower profile and far more frequent transactions, both locally and abroad. We are really proud of the velocity of funding that we have empowered for lower profile SA tech companies to raise.

We are determined to “scale” funding solutions to SA tech companies – and the fact that no other SA law firm has contributed more to the creation of benchmark open-sourced funding documents is testament to this. Have a look at the market standard SAFE documents and guidelines, term sheet guidelines and SA’s own series seed document suites. Our blog posts take that to the next level, providing specialised, subject-specific guidance based on our transaction experience.

We are really proud of the velocity of funding that we have empowered for emerging SA tech companies to raise.

  • Before their high profile exit to a US-listed acquirer, we assisted the founders of Getsmarter to close a strategic investment from an international investor which ultimately embedded the company into SA tech folklore.

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